Full Festival Program Released

The Under the Trees 2018 festival program has now been released, so you can start planning your best day out under the trees of Jacaranda Drive on October 6th! Art workshops will also be held throughout the day in the Sound Garden to get your own creative juices flowing in between bands. Check out the full program below so you don't miss your favourite act:

The Nest

11:30 am     Ornaments

12:45 pm     The Threadz

01:30 pm     Welcome to Country

02:00 pm     The Benny Nelson Band

03:15 pm     Urban Chiefs

04:30 pm     Jesse Morris and the Shakedown

05:45 pm     The Fergies

06:45 pm     Meraki Circus, Dance and Entertainment

07:00 pm     Hot Potato Band

08:15 pm     Caravana Sun

The Shrubbery

11:30 am    My Band

12:10 pm    Indifferent

12:50 pm    Kissing the Flint

01:30 pm    Small Giants

02:10 pm    Djuran Johnson

02:50 pm    Brittany Elise

03:50 pm    Odd Americans

04:50 pm    Red Rover

05:50 pm    Bucket List

06:45 pm    Meraki Circus, Dance and Entertainment

07:30 pm    Urban Chiefs

Sound Garden
Workshops will be running from 11am - 6pm

Lantern Making: Make a cool lantern to light up the night sky under the trees, then take it with you at the end of the night.

Woven Headbands & Flower Crowns: Weave a groovy headpiece to create a little ‘festival’ upon your head.

Healing with Art: Join Ruth and friends to create this community weaving installation that is healing for the soul.

Dress Up Box: Enter the Dress Up Box to find your inner self.  Wear our costumes and be a part of our woodland village. Simply return them before you go.

Rhiannon Cooper