Artist Feature: Hot Potato Band

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Known to cause a severe case of happy fever, this energetic 10 piece brass band has been putting smiles on the faces of audiences since 2009. The bands incredibly unique live show has evolved and expanded from their early years as street performers to their now large scale shows and festival appearances. Hot Potato Band released their first original song 'This Is How It Should Be' in 2014, and quickly became one of the most celebrated festival bands in Australia with the song being an anthem to Woodford Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, New Zealand's Coastella Festival as well as many more.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the band have been nationally touring since 2015 with their first international tour to New Zealand in 2018. Hot Potato Band have put an Australian edge to its 'multi-genre' music, influenced by ska, blues, funk, pop, reggae, afro-cuban and folk, bound by the classic brass band sounds of New Orleans. The band is aiming to re ignite acoustic instrumentation in a heavily electronic dominated industry, along with a combination of movement and interaction, the bands energy is infectious and attracts an audience of all ages. 

Members of the band include: Simon Ghali (Drums), James Swanson (Drums), Marc Malliate (Drums), Daniel Moore (Sousaphone), Peter Orenstein (Baritone Sax), Bernard Lagana (Baritone Sax), James Mackay (Tenor Sax), Edward Tan (Alto Sax), Nicholas Calligeros (Trumpet), Paul Murchison (Trumpet), Max Mallen-Cooper (Trombone), Ben Goldstein (Vocals).

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