Artist Feature: Caravana Sun

Sun-soaked indies Caravana Sun are a four piece Sydney based band who describe their sound as ‘world-fuelled rebellious surf rock’. Comprised of Luke Carra (guitar and vocals), Ant Beard (bass and vocals), Alex Dumbrell (drums and percussion) and Ken Allars (trumpet and keyboard), Caravan Sun have had a massive year playing to thousands of people both nationally and across the globe.

The band has been a festival staple across Australia for a number of years, and is now expanding their signature sound across the European festival scene as well. On August 17 they released their spirited new single Come Back, a heartfelt ode to a lost friend; a bridge between this world and the next. Come Back precedes Caravana Sun’s sparkling new EP Silver Linings, a full body experience of a release that will encourage not only dancing and sing-alongs, but self-reflection as well, out September 14. To celebrate the EP, Caravana Sun will be hitting the road on a massive tour across Australia, which includes coveted festival slots at the renowned Wave Rock, Under the Trees and Celebrate Gold Coast festivals.

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Rhiannon Cooper